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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

We have written before  about how Aireborough Rotary has supported the Aquabox project to bring clean water to natural and man made disaster areas in our blog Stamping down on Disease: at home and abroad.

Rotary International has the provision of water and sanitation as one of its five objectives and this short blog provides links to follow that work in more detail. Without clean water and sanitation then Rotary’s other development goals in peace,health, literacy and community development are frustrated.  Water and sanitation are crucial for health, education and economic development

Aireborough has also supported for many years the UK based Water Aid charity. A  charity offering practical solutions to providing clean water and efficient sanitation in developing countries. Water Aid

Just how desperate is the need for proper sanitation in many parts of the world can be seen in this short video – with an explanation in English towards the end. 

Sanitation challenges no one should have to face

On a much less disturbing but still water  related topic Aireborough Rotary is shortly going to be helping clean up Tran Beck. Follow our Face Book  page for more details.

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