Purple Pinkies to Push Out Polio

Maybe you have already seen people wearing crocus badges around Aireborough. If not,don’t worry,  you should see about 5,000 purple crocuses blooming next Spring  after primary school children across Aireborough have been battling snow and rain to plant crocus corms to help raise money  and awareness of the End Polio Now campaign that Rotary International has been running since the 1980s.crocus_smallpurple-pinkie2

Purple, by the way, is the colour used to mark the pinkie fingers of the children who have been vaccinated  in the final push to eradicate polio completely. Polio, a sometimes fatal, and always  life changing disease  was once endemic in the World. In 1988,for example, there were 350.00 cases world wide and  now:

“There have been just 28 cases of polio across the world in 2016 to 2nd Nov, the lowest ever in a single year, meaning we are closer than ever to eradicating polio once and for all.” [Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland 2016]

We will bring more news and pictures of the success of the crocus bulb planting in the Spring  but in the meantime look out for the  Purple Crocus Badges and perhaps follow  some of the  links below for more information about this inspiring work.

Rotary’s Purple4Polio campaign   with Ade Adapitan Purple4Polio Ambassador.

UNICEF  have a five minute film You are there:on the road to making polio history ,narrated by Ewan McGregor, and a more detailed report on the international partnerships to eradicate polio UNICEF Eradicating polio

Finally if you are really keen there is a 50 minute Rotary International video prepared for    World Polio day Oct 2016

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Always ready to offer a Hand Up

Rotary has long been committed to giving a hand up to communities and individuals at home and abroad. Though in emergencies we will donate  money   when time permits we are happier helping people to help themselves. We think a  hand up is always preferable to a handout.

For example at community fund raising events like the Sponsored Walk and the Dog Show this year we encouraged young students from  Horsforth School who are going on trip to Borneo next year to run a cake stall and face painting to raise their own money… which we then matched. Similarly the Rotary Club is providing technical advice to the budding gardeners volunteering on the Leeds Trinity University Incredible Edible project. Where they are hoping to feed themselves and their friends for free.


Aireborough Rotary is also a prize giver in the  events organised by the Yorkshire and Humberside  Young Enterprise Scheme.  A scheme dedicated to the  practical encouragement of  young entrepreneurial and creative skills.

Rotarians across Yorkshire are working together as Rotary Enterprise Ambassadors where they offer their vocational skills and knowledge to people in the community  who need help and guidance for their own personal development. This may involve helping to improve their literacy, numeracy and inter-personal skills. Or perhaps  career guidance or  help to develop a business opportunity.

Fellow Rotarians in Sidcup Kent  have taken this further   with their award winning   Youth Unemployed Scheme    where young people get the long term help they need to  get into the job market.

Its not just at home that Rotary is committed to giving people and  communities a  practical hand up.  Aireborough Rotary has been a long term supporter of  The Trade Aid scheme . There are eight different boxes, like the carpenter’s pictured below, ranging from builder to tailor/seamstress ” Each box contains specially selected supplies needed to provide people with a head start in recovering from a disaster  or to start working for themselves for the first time.”


A handout of money alone is not going to provide practical  long term support for impoverished people but  a micro loan … ” The provision of a small loan for those who are too poor to have access to conventional financial services” might.  Rotary funds have helped a fund now very  successful  small businesses in Sri Lanka and Nepal and never hand anyone default on repaying their loan.  A similar schemes is promoted by Vision Fund in this short video   Vision Fund: The CEO

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The Seeds of Change

Aireborough Rotary Club is happy to be a  partner of the Incredible Edible Leeds Trinity University  project.

The ambitious project has been going for some time and  has its roots in a movement that started in Todmodern. It aims to develop and promote a respect for food that hasn’t traveled miles but is  seasonal, locally grown and which brings health benefits both in the freshness of the food and the physical and mental rewards of being involved in its growing. Fresh locally grown  ‘free’ fruit and vegetables will also bring immediate benefits to the diets of cash strapped students.  As the project expands it is also hoped to work closely with other community groups and the Horsforth Farmers Market.

Rotary members will be adding their gardening  experience whilst the willing staff and student volunteers provide the muscle power. The Rotary movement is committed to local sustainability in all its projects,  both locally and world wide. One part of this is  our Young Chefs Award  and these recent Yorkshire  finalists are clearly hard at work with plenty of fresh local produce.


Readers of our earlier post  Back to School to Back Schools will have read  of the Club’s wide ranging support for all local primary and secondary schools. Moving on  a stage, Leeds Trinity University, a corporate member of the Club, is committed to providing a student focused, life changing experience   and the Club  is very happy to make our contribution to that by working on the Incredible Edible Leeds Trinity project and   truly helping to plant the seeds of change.

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Back to school to Back Schools

Rotarians have gone back to school as helpers listening to children read.World Book Day 1.16

Rotarian Robert  joined in the children’s  fun on World Book Day by getting into character as Blind Pew. He always enjoys listening to the children and says it is wonderful  to see the progress they make in a year and their enthusiasm for reading and school.

Peter is one of the Rotarians below who also really enjoys  listening to young readers in  schools.  Other Rotarians also serve on the governing boards of local schools.

The Rotary Club believes that youth are our future and works hard to support all the local primary and secondary schools. For the last nine years we have distributed Usborne dictionaries to  each year six pupil in 10 local primary schools

Dictionaries in  schools

Presenting Dictionaries


to help them make the transition from primary to secondary schools. Over the years we do wonder how far the dictionaries have traveled since the very first recipients will now be well established in adult  careers .

There’s also fun in what Rotary does with local schools.  Students from Green Bank School with their Rotarian friends always have a great day out on their annual trip to Lightwater  Valley. And all involved  enjoyed the fun of the hula hoop challenge when Rotary helped  at a school’s Scootathon day.


Then there is Rotary’s  the annual city wide technology tournament  where Aireborough schools usually do well and we always have keen competition for the Young Musician of the Year award.


Each year we  sponsor one or  two students  for the week long, life changing  Rotary Youth  Awards experience and always  collect two exhausted but happy youngsters at the end of their adventure.

RYLA students

Ready to go home after a fantastic RYLA week

The Rotary club is a charity so we have to raise money to finance our support for children and schools. Each year we have a popular Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday  in collaboration with Rodley Nature Reserve;  a sponsored walk in collaboration with Leeds Trinity University  and a family friendly fun Dog Show. At these events  we raise money for our own local charities ( often Martin House) but also encourage individual students and PTA s to join with us and help raise money for their causes.

Happy Egg hunter

A Happy Easter Egg Hunter


Striding Out at the start of the Sponsored Walk ready for the Picture Quiz

There is so much more to say about  our other work with local schools. Like   supporting   St Mary’s School Menston and their work with Mnyakanya High School (South Africa) as part of the Bambisanani Partnership  and our Purple Crocus campaign to help end polio across the World but we’ll save it for another day.

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Literacy in a Box

School in Box

Sept 8th is International Literacy Day.   Literacy Boxes like the one pictured above were supplied by  Rotary Clubs in the South West of England to  schools in Zambia. They  are just one of the many  literacy and education projects projects supported by the world wide Rotary organisation.Rotarians Support Literacy Day

Basic education and literacy are vital skills but Rotary is also committed to helping young people in developing communities to acquire the advanced skills they will need to get work in a globalised economy.  Below is a link to an exciting project to bring educational tablet computers to students in a remote Fijian island.Tablet computers for Fiji

Aireborough Rotary Club is playing its part in supporting literacy and education at home and abroad. One of our Club members has been running for several years the Chameleon education scheme in the remote Kwa Zulu Natal region of South Africa. We will have a separate post later about this project which is dedicated to supporting some really deprived children

We also have ambitious plans to support St Mary’s School Menston in their Bambisanani Partnership with Mnyakanya High School  and help build an IT suite for the  South African school.

All the projects that Rotary is involved in are in partnership with Rotary Clubs in the host community so that all donations go directly to the intended recipients.

But Aireborough Rotary  also works much closer to home supporting all the local primary and secondary schools. Our next blog will explain more about what we are doing and the satisfaction members get from working with schools.

If you have any comments on this blog or would like to sponsor our work, support our work or join Rotary please contact us  via secretaryaireboroughrotary@gmail.com


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