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Rotary partners with ShelterBox

Our last blog, Stamping down on Disease,  featured Aireborough Rotary’s support for the Aquabox programme. We have also supported a sister programme ShelterBox.     Brad Webber has written a blog for Rotary International  describing the work of ShelterBox and the volunteers who deliver  aid into disaster areas around the world. You might like to read Brad’s blog here Rotary partners with ShelterBox to help devastated communities. Meet the members on the front lines of disaster relief.




Stamping down on disease: at home or abroad

One of Rotary’s key objectives is disease prevention. We have written before about  our work to eradicate  polio Purple Pinkies to Push out Polio . In this post we are looking at two areas of disease prevention, one local and the other abroad, where Aireborough Rotary has been active for many years.

Locally we have worked with the national Rotary campaign Know your Blood Pressure in conjunction with the Stroke Association. Every year we have a public stall, staffed by a doctor and a nurse, where people can have their blood pressure checked. As the following Stroke Association information shows a blood pressure check can be an important first step in detecting serious, potentially life changing,  conditions.kybp_infographic_2015_findings_0 The next scheduled Know Your Blood Pressure Day is Saturday 22 April 2017 See more details, shortly, of where Aireborough Rotary is holding their event on   our  Facebook and Twitter accounts below.

So organising blood pressure checks are one of our contributions to helping  prevent disease at home. Abroad we help to tackle the disease implications of natural disasters and wars.  Earthquakes, floods, typhoons, tsunamis and wars  can all displace thousands of people and also disrupt existing water supply systems. Initially in a shattered environment  the displaced people  often have  only contaminated water supplies available.  Thus, especially the young and the elderly, face the added risk of quickly spreading water borne diseases compounding  already  severe problems.

But follow the link to    Aquabox . and see how their small, easily shipped, ingenious, life saving boxes, packed with water purification tools and humanitarian aid, can reach disaster areas very quickly. Giving  families and communities the chance to start the fight back  against water borne diseases.

Aireborough Rotary pays for 24 boxes a year, solely from funds raised from our loyal supporters in  our ever generous local community,  and has sent out over 150 boxes in total. Some are stored in the UK but the majority are pre-positioned around the World to cut the time needed to deliver this vital kit. So, for example, in the massive Haiti Earthquake of 2010  Aquaboxes were the first humanitarian aid to arrive.

Thanks to the continued support of our local community Rotarians themselves get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that their fund raising and events really do help prevent disease at home and abroad. If you would like to join us in Rotary, sponsor us or just support us:

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