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Always ready to offer a Hand Up

Rotary has long been committed to giving a hand up to communities and individuals at home and abroad. Though in emergencies we will donate  money   when time permits we are happier helping people to help themselves. We think a  hand up is always preferable to a handout.

For example at community fund raising events like the Sponsored Walk and the Dog Show this year we encouraged young students from  Horsforth School who are going on trip to Borneo next year to run a cake stall and face painting to raise their own money… which we then matched. Similarly the Rotary Club is providing technical advice to the budding gardeners volunteering on the Leeds Trinity University Incredible Edible project. Where they are hoping to feed themselves and their friends for free.


Aireborough Rotary is also a prize giver in the  events organised by the Yorkshire and Humberside  Young Enterprise Scheme.  A scheme dedicated to the  practical encouragement of  young entrepreneurial and creative skills.

Rotarians across Yorkshire are working together as Rotary Enterprise Ambassadors where they offer their vocational skills and knowledge to people in the community  who need help and guidance for their own personal development. This may involve helping to improve their literacy, numeracy and inter-personal skills. Or perhaps  career guidance or  help to develop a business opportunity.

Fellow Rotarians in Sidcup Kent  have taken this further   with their award winning   Youth Unemployed Scheme    where young people get the long term help they need to  get into the job market.

Its not just at home that Rotary is committed to giving people and  communities a  practical hand up.  Aireborough Rotary has been a long term supporter of  The Trade Aid scheme . There are eight different boxes, like the carpenter’s pictured below, ranging from builder to tailor/seamstress ” Each box contains specially selected supplies needed to provide people with a head start in recovering from a disaster  or to start working for themselves for the first time.”


A handout of money alone is not going to provide practical  long term support for impoverished people but  a micro loan … ” The provision of a small loan for those who are too poor to have access to conventional financial services” might.  Rotary funds have helped a fund now very  successful  small businesses in Sri Lanka and Nepal and never hand anyone default on repaying their loan.  A similar schemes is promoted by Vision Fund in this short video   Vision Fund: The CEO

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